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Are you fretting about a present

Kenneth Anson Small
has agreed to shepherd me through the briar patch and
Elspeth Ann McLachlan
is to ensure that Sheils brushes her teeth
and the band will be "the Hallanshankers". The gormless guy third from the left (when you do the link)will be the presiding cleric. Is that enough news for now?

"I've bought a ring"
"Very nice"
"What finger can I wear it on?"

This short romantic dialogue which took place in Tarbert Loch Fyne 

has set up the event of next year

On 24 May 2003 in St Margaret's Episcopal Church,
353/355 Kilmarnock Road, Newlands, 
Glasgow G43 2DS

Douglas Ramsay Small
Sheila Elizabeth McLachlan
will plight their troth in holy matrimony

The groom will not wear a kilt. Amazingly we have overcome the disparity in our love of the outdoors and climbing the Buchaille - as exemplified here

For those of you who like these things, namely Dad, here are a few pics of the church

and the Burgh Halls where the "biled ham" will be

Burgh Halls

Aerial Photos

Burgh Halls