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Personal homepages are either pathetically first person "I have eight degrees from Harvard and can program in C+++++.......here are pictures of my children" or at the opposite extreme, brutally terse and prosaic.
On the subject of "The Terrors" I have to veer more towards the former. In my class at school I was the only United fan, Dundee having won the league only a couple of years earlier - yes I'm that old. It was hard. I used to sell programs at Tannadice and we used to collect them from the manager's office. I can still recall the first day of the Maclean tenure seeing wee Jim at the desk for the first time instead of the avuncular pipe-smoking Jerry Kerr. Who could have guessed that that wee wound up man would lead us to victory in the Nou Camp and seven Scottish cup finals.
This page is no attempt to sum up the wee Jim years but rather a random group of photos culled from my not-very-extensive collection.
Paul Sturrock recieves a crunching tackle 
from some Motherwell assassin circa 1982. 
United cuffed them 4-1 in the Cup. 
Bannon's running style is easily 
recognised just above Luggy.
Scenes from the enclosure at Dens after the 
league was won
Paul Hegarty is congratulated by fans as he leaves Dens. 
"Eh've waited twenty years for this"
Glasgow polis to Psycho and the big singer 
out of Deacon Blue: "you're just making this worse"

"This" presumably being the defeat of the huns.
Paranoia dictating that all Glasgow Polis favour the

Sons of William

Take a trip down memory lane..

Scottish Cup Final 1994

Some memorable programmes

UEFA Cup Final vs 
IFK Gothenburg. 
featuring Lars Zetterlund
UEFA Cup Semi-Final 
vs .Borussia 

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