Urodynamics is the investigation of the function and dysfunction of the lower urinary tract.


Basic clinical background to the lower urinary tract

Neurological control of lower urinary tract

Urodynamic theory of the lower urinary tract

Filling cystometry

Urethral pressure profiles

Bladder outlet obstruction

Ambulatory urodynamics

Terminology of the International Continence Society

The Traces used on these pages

Urodynamic investigations



Urodynamics has been around since the mid to late 19th century when catheters were first passed into the bladder and connected to a column of water (manometer). Electronics and computing have revolutionised the field, principally by allowing the real-time subtraction of pressures that is required.

The drawing shows an early attempt at cystometry. In modern times the staffing level can be halved and the dress code is slightly less formal.

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In creating this resource, I am indebted to the work of Derek Griffiths and in particular his book
Urodynamics (1982)