The Hallanshankers
"I hear that you are the fourth best Ceilidh band in Scotland"... a woman phoning to book the Shankers

"Not a competent musician on that stage"...some geezer at the Celtic FC player of theyear dinner

Formed in the white heat of the New Romantic boom, the Shankers love of dressing up was their first bond.
From a strict uniform of snakeskin waistcoats and stout hessian tabards their look now encompasses grunge and psychedelic revivalism.
Described in "The Guardian" as the first post-modern Ceilidh band for their blend of traditional folk themes and gratuitous sexual display, the Shankers show in their approach to tempo and tuning their contempt for the tight-laced monetaristic bodice post-Thatcherism has strapped to the economy.

If you've still to experience the pleasure of being abused by Professor Swan for wearing a kilt, losing your testicles or talking during his instructions, I envy you.

To book the Shankers telephone 0141 429 1051 and ask for Professor Swan or Ms Goth

Discography - 

an audio cassette

Sense and Worth a CD

Audio samples:
The Big Wedding (.wav 156k)
Tune first performed at the wedding of Lorraine 
Macintosh of Cumnock and Richard Ross of Dundee

Gin I were a baron's heir 
from Sense & Worth
686 k byte .mp3
Green Grow the Rashes O'
627 k byte .mp3

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The Hallanshankers are:

Nick de Lupe, Professor Swan, Doctor Bryce, Dirty Vicar - (plucked strummed and bowed items)

Black Jack, Ms Goth - (beaten animal skins)

Deirdre of the Sorrows - (tubular resonant devices)

The accordionist formerly known as Susan - (psycho-accordion and laryngeal display)

At one time emails flooded in to these pages asking whether The Swan out of the Hallanshankers and the erstwhile Motherwell manager Harry Kampman have ever been seen in the same room together. Click the image below to see the evidence in forensic detail.

Harry Kampman ......................... The Swan