Grolsch: a tribute page

Grolsch has just left us. He was a grand old dog and it seemed only fitting to create a semi-permanent presence for him on the web as his presence had been so forceful in his life. he did as they say in Dundee "think he was Erchie"

Examples of this:
Barking at the horse and pig (2 inanimate wooden play objects in the area of Pollokshields known as "the horse and pig park"
Stealing a whole box of Goodfellow's chocolate violets. (This is akin to eating a whole tin of Nestle's condensed milk. OK I know some people do this, namely The Swan)
Sitting on the white leather seats of Bob Medding's Jaguar
Stealing traffic cones from roadwroks and terrorising them
Not forgetting the time he left his abode in Westmoreland St and crossed both Victoria Rd and Pollokshaws Rd (alone) to visit Bridie

Anyway, here a few pictures by which to remember him. These are thumbnails, click for the full res.
This is a very young Grolsch and 
Bridie on their first Munro
now old
September 2000 
- even older
Hang dog expression due 
to getting caught at 
Smillie's Bin