We meet Bruce Cockburn
On 31 Janauary 2002 Bruce Cockburn my long term hero played the Old Fruitmarket Glasgow. I have seen him many times, about seven in all, but a visit to your home town is always exciting.
The man was fantastic. How he makes that one guitar make all that heavenly sound is beyond me. According to a recent Canadian TV program it is also beyond Jackson Browne. Ricky had pulled a few strings and we ended up backstage. I will never be too cool to ask for a photo and here it is.
A Cockburn gig always seems to have a request for the most obscure song out of the back catalogue and this was no exception. Someone shouted "why don't we celebrate" "Aren't we?" responded Bruce. I was the wag who shouted for "Nanzen Ji"
The gig annoncement had originally been met with some trepidation on my part due to bad passive smoking experiences at that venue in the past.But the Council have finally got their act together and after a reassuring letter from Bridget McConnell, Director of Culture and Leisure, I went fully vibed up. Ricky, Swan, Sheila and myself had a little drink over the road and then trooped over. One foot inside the door a security man warned us "it's no smoking now folks". Result.

It may seem pedantic to go on about this, but the number of favourite acts I have missed due to smoky venues is now quite large. Most recently Roger McGuinn had to be body swerved. At least the Fruitmarket is now a goer.

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